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Running of the independent publisher SCHIAFFO EDIZIONI, which publishes mailable illustrated short stories. The project is managed by MEAT, Corrado Piazza and Marco Bini who all deal with every aspect of the business. We look after the creative direction, production, sales and promotion of SCHIAFFO. The project consists is short stories (ca. 4000 characters) submitted by writers that are then illustrated and packaged in a mailable format. The final result is a mailable short story that comes in a handy envelope ready to be sent and is meant to be impactful and possibly slightly upsetting (hence the name SCHIAFFO, which means slap). Everybody can submit their story, the editorial team has the task of selecting it and fine tune it to the format. The short story is then illustrated by an illustrator who's part of the SCHIAFFO illustrators' pool, He or she would have gone through the same process of entry submission (of samples in this case) and is thought by the art department to be the best match for that particular theme and story. The finished product is then designed and crafted individually for each story, adding context to each theme treated in every issue.

MEAT collettivo grafico / SEDE BOLOGNA: Via Piave 11/B  BOLOGNA tel. 0510545538 - SEDE SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO: Via Michelangelo, 444 SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO (MO)