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Logotype and communication materials for the 2008 edition of IMAGINE IT, international meeting and lecture series on design related themes organized by the Design Center and the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna. The subject chosen for the 2008 edition was Design For All which celebrates diversity and social inclusion encompassing the various disciplines of design. Starting from the logotype and rolled across al the various communication materials, the metaphor of nourishment and mass produced feeding instruments and tools (from standard industrial disposable cutlery to the tablecloths to food packaging to food purchase receipts) has been used symbolizing a common condition and need for every human being – something that includes everybody.

MEAT collettivo grafico / SEDE BOLOGNA: Via Piave 11/B  BOLOGNA tel. 0510545538 - SEDE SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO: Via Michelangelo, 444 SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO (MO)